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SUBJECT: Can the Enquirer make you rich?
SUBJECT: Tabloids: The key to ongoing wealth
SUBJECT: How magazines can make you milli8ns

Forwarding from Michael Force – Founder.


Michael Force here.

Have you had a chance to read through your guide yet?  If so, what did you think?

After 15 years of making a full time income online, I’ve come to realize that most internet millionaires all have a few things in common.

One of those traits is modeling.

This means that you find someone who has what you want… and then you do what they are doing!

For me, I observe what successful online marketers do and model them.

Here’s something funny I noticed in the ultra successful ones:

They all read the tabloids! [INSERT HYPERLINK --

National Enquirer, TMZ, Newsmax, you name it.

This  actually really confused me at first.

After all, these publications are the furthest thing from educational.

I found the answer when I read a book by a famous copywriter named John Carlton called "The Entrepreneur's Guide To Getting Your S**t Together."

He wrote...

"Some of the highest paid writers in the world are the guys penning the headlines for "must see" shows like E!... top tabloids like the Weekly World News and the National Enquirer...

... I keep those tabloid tactics of hooking and grabbing readers in mind while I craft my headline.

That's my big secret tactic."

When I read that, a lightbulb turned on in my head.

You may not know this, but the National Enquirer sells more copies of it's magazine than the NY Times, LA Times, People Magazine, US Weekly and Entertainment Weekly... combined!

Not too bad for a "trash" magazine, right?

The reason all the top marketers read the tabloids is because tabloids sell.

To make money online you need to know what people want.

You need to know what the guy or gal on the street actually buys.

Sometimes, that's not what you expect.

However, it can be the key to the kingdom when it comes to achieving financial abundance.

I'll explain more in a few days.

In the meantime, here's an awesome video to check out that will help you understand the concept of "tabloid marketing" a little better.

To your success,

SUBJECT: "Man turns machine on, discovers $90,000"
SUBJECT: What would you do with $90,000?
SUBJECT: How I Made $90,000 In Just One Month.

Forwarding from Michael Force - Founder.

Hey Hey,

Michael again

I want to share a story with you today.

Back in 2003 I was only a couple of years into learning how to make money online.

At that point I had achieved some success... A few thousand dollars here or there...

Yet it wasn't consistent enough for me to survive on.

I wanted to take things to the next level.

At the time my motto was "do what you love."

So I built my businesses around things that I had real passion for:

I had a lot of fun doing this, yet for some reason the sales were really low.

Then I had an "Eureka" moment, out of all places, at a magazine stand.

I saw a magazine I'd normally have no interest in.

However... the headline definitely caught my attention:

"19 Year Old Drops Out Of College And Makes $9,000,000 In One Year Selling Real Estate!"

That practically forced me to pick up a copy of the magazine.

In the end the story didn't do much for me.

Yet it did spark a lightbulb in my head:

I felt compelled to read something I normally wouldn't because the headline played to my passions.

Which brings me back to my motto: "Do what you love."

It's true, but it's missing a key ingredient.

Success doesn't JUST come from doing what you love...

It comes when you can sell what you love doing in such a way that others can't help but sit up and notice.

It wasn't long before I had integrated this lesson into my business.

And barely 6 months after that day at the magazine stand I had my first $90,000 month.

The guide you downloaded talks about this a little bit.  (You did read it, didn't you?)

In the next few emails I'll show you how I did it.

And how you can do it too.

Better yet, I'll even give you the tools you need to do it.

How's that for crazy?

Guess you better open my next message.

Until then.

SUBJECT: Have you ever wanted to quit your job?
SUBJECT: If you could quit your job would....
SUBJECT: "Man Quits Job: Immediately Makes $90,000!"

Forwarding from Michael Force - Founder.

Have you ever wanted to quit your job? [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

I know, it’s a stupid question.

Almost nobody likes having to answer to a boss.

Yet so few people ever actually take those crucial few steps to freedom.

Have you?

If not, no judgment here.  I actually want to help you quit your job!

What happens is that most people take their first steps but never really dive in.

As I said yesterday, the formula for making money online is simple:

Do what you Love in such a way that others notice you!

Write like the tabloids, remember?

(BTW – have you noticed what I’ve been doing with the subject heading?  That’s right… I’ve been “tabloidizing” them.)

Identifying what you love will give you the motivation to “jump in head first.”

However… it’s not the only thing.

Just as crucially, you need to:

  1. Reach an audience.
  2. Get their attention.

This part of the formula is where things can get trickier. [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

If you jump in head first to advertising without the right guidance, you could find yourself in hot water quick.  (That’s how I lost a lot of money when I first started)

Truth is, this is what happens to 85% of entrepreneurs.

They jump into their first online business without a plan, guidance or roadmap.

And they sink.

It’s evitable.

If I told you to get in your car and drive to 159 Media Road in Oxford Pennsylvania…

But you can’t use a map, you can’t use your phone and you can’t ask for directions…

You’d think I was crazy!

Yet this is what thousands of people are doing online everyday.

What if there was another way…

What if you could “hit the ground running” in your first (or next) online business with…

How much easier would it be to make money online, with all this taken care of for you?

Think it sounds “too good to be true”?

Click here to get the full story. [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

To your success,

P.S. Some of the biggest internet marketers in the world have seen this video and even they can’t believe it… Check it out before we take it down for good: [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

SUBJECT: [Private Invitation] Join The $90,000 A Month Club.
SUBJECT: $90 Grand A Month–Online??
SUBJECT: How You Can Make $90 Grand In One Month.

Forwarding from Michael Force – Founder.


It’s time.

Time for a BIG pay raise. [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

I’m not talking about a 5% a year raise…

… Or a “promotion.” (One that comes with more hours and more responsibility than pay.)

That’s not what I am talking about.

I’m talking about increasing your income by 10x or more.

I’m talking $20,000, $50,000 or even $90,000 a month.

I know, I know.

Those numbers sound crazy. Almost “impossible to believe.”

If you’d told me when I was in the marines that I’d one day be a millionaire, I’d have laughed.

Yet I did it.

And with the right tools and resources, you can do it too. [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

To succeed online, you DON’T need…

What you do need is a solid foundation for success:

Lucky for you all of that has already been put in place just for you. [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

It’s all part of a system I have had in the works for years.

And it was built from the ground up to be your complete business in a box.

You get access to the exact same frontend and backend assets I use to make six-figures a month online.

… On top of that you get access to training and mentorship from 7 figure entrepreneurs like me.

Ask anybody who has made over $1 million online… [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

They will tell you that access to the best mentors and coaches made the biggest difference in their careers.

That’s because  the internet is always changing, so you need access to “what’s working now.”

There’s simply nothing else like it.

CLICK HERE to discover what your future has in store today. [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

Talk soon,

SUBJECT: Sorry, I Lied.
SUBJECT: Ouch! Look at what this hater said…

Forwarding from Michael Force – Founder.


So I’ve gotten quite emails about my last message. [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

Seems you really want to know if you can really make $90,000 in a single month.

And there were a few haters who were none too happy with me.

Some of them even called me a liar.

So, I’d like to address this message to all the haters:

Yes, I admit it…

… I lied to you.

You can’t make $90,000 a month online.

It’s a pipe dream…

Too “far out there” for a regular person to attain.

Yes, it’s impossible.

That is…

… If you think it is.

If you think you can’t make money online, you most likely won’t.

It’s called a self fulfilling prophecy. [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

Telling yourself that you’ll fail will make you fail.


Because if you convince yourself it won’t work, you won’t take action!

We all have different goals.

Maybe you want to quit your job…

Maybe you just want to make your first $1000 online… [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

Maybe you want to enjoy the freedom to travel and work wherever you want…

… Whatever you want to achieve, the first thing you need to do is believe it’s possible.

Whether it’s making your first $1000 in a month online…

… Or making $90,000 a month.

If you haven’t taken your first step in making money online yet, it might be because you still don’t quite “believe.”

I get it.

You’ve probably been burned in the past.

You put your hopes in a program or system and it didn’t work.

Maybe you even lost a lot of money.

Honest – I’ve been there.

That’s why I made you this special video.  [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

Over a decade ago, I was working a full time job.

And I wanted out…

Click here to discover how I did it. [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

To your success,

P.S. If you still aren’t sure if you can make money online and need some convincing, WATCH THIS VIDEO. There’s an incredible gift for you towards the end if you do. [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

SUBJECT: A “Job” Is The Absolute WORST Way To Make Money.
SUBJECT: Are you 100% happy with…
SUBJECT: These guys did it, so can you…

Forwarding from Michael Force – Founder.


Do you have a job?

I’m going out on limb here to say chances are you work a full time.

I’m going to take another guess and predict your income is probably between $30,000 and $100,000 a year.

Now let me ask you a question:

Are you 100% happy with how much money you’re making?

Or… Would you rather make more? [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

Obviously it’s more because you’re reading this.

The real challenge is how do you create the business that will let you quit your job…

Well, instead of listening to me yammer on about it, why don’t you listen to these to real-life members who really did it:


They are just like you.

If you’re ready to quit your job, CLICK HERE.  [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

I made you a short video that explains everything.


SUBJECT: I’d like to give you $1
SUBJECT: Ends at midnight tonight

Forwarding from Michael Force – Founder.


Michael here.

These past few days I’ve shared with you an amazing new program I’ve created to help you earn your first $1 online. [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

Or your first $1000 if you’re a bit more advanced.

Or your first $25,000 if you haven’t reached that point yet.

Now, I’m not promising you that you will achieve that kind of success right away.

But in over 15 years in this industry I have seen people go from $0 to 6-figure incomes so fast it’s blown my mind.

I’m talking regular people like Teachers, Police Officers, Restaurant Managers…

All you have to do is CLICK HERE to discover how they did it. [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

Here’s the deal though… I’ve knocked 99.3% of the cost off the fee you normally have to cover.

But that offer is only good until tonight at midnight.

Better hurry up if you want to take advantage of that.  [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

SUBJECT: Do you want to unfriend me me?

Forwarding from Michael Force – Founder.


Did I not do a good job of explaining something?

Did I not do a good job of touching on a specific hotpoint that matters to you?

What’s the single biggest reason why you’ve decided not to work with me?

Was it something I said or didn’t say?


Do you just want to unfriend me?

“What was the #1 reason why you decided not to join our ASPIRE program?”

SUBJECT: I’m giving you a one-day extension

Forwarding from Michael Force – Founder.


Michael here.

Looks like I goofed up.

A few days ago I told you the 99.3% off ASPIRE ended at midnight. [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

Apparently, a few people didn’t see the message until a couple of days later.

So here’s what I am going to do:

I’m going to re-open the offer for a little while more.

That means you can get started for one measly $1.

There is no other person on this planet who is going to give you the keys to his million dollar business for a single $dollar!

Most of my partners think I’m an idiot to do this.

I’m not.  It’s because I believe in you.

And I believe you deserve an honest shot at financial freedom for you and your family.  [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

At least spend the dollar to check out what I’ve created for you for them.  Because they deserve the good life to.

It’s up to you to create it for them.

I promise to help you every step of the way.

So what are you waiting for?  To get started CLICK HERE. [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

[FAQ Email. Cover objections that were discovered in survey from email #9]

SUBJECT: Today is the last day…
SUBJECT: Only a few spots left.

Forwarding from Michael Force – Founder.


Well, you’ve had a couple of chances. [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

I offered you 98.3% off.

I even reopened the offer for a few people who missed it.  (I didn’t see your name on the membership roster, so I assumed you were one of them)

Today really is the last day you can join. [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

And in 3 days we may actually shut down the ASPIRE offer to the public for at least 6 months.

This is a decision I did not really want to make, however the response has been so huge my team is almost over-capacity.

So in order to keep our support forums and coaching resources open I have to limit the number of people who join.

This may be your last chance to get in on the hottest online marketing event this year.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity… [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

Click here to discover how to become a part of ASPIRE today.

To your success,

SUBJECT: Get My Complete Business Model practically FREEE
SUBJECT: [Last Chance]

Forwarding from Michael Force – Founder.

Hi Again,

So what’s the deal?

When was the last time you had a millionaire offer to:

  1. Give you his million dollar business? [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]
  2. Train you on how to run the business?
  3. Provide everything you need to break 6-figures in income (including proven websites, products, trained sales people who will close sales for you, customer support, live events, luxury retreats and more?

Not very often?

I didn’t think so.

That’s why I am so baffled as to why you haven’t joined yet!     [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

I mean… you get access to everything for one, tiny, single dollar!

What more does a guy gotta do to prove to you that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain?

So stop yankin’ my chain here and head on over HERE.  [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Aspire VSL]

Sheesh… you drive a hard bargain!

[Survey Email]

SUBJECT: If it doesn’t fit…
SUBJECT: I understand
SUBJECT: Can I ask a favor?

Forwarding from Michael Force – Founder.


I understand that ASPIRE isn’t quite right for everyone.

I do appreciate your time and attention and I’d still like to help you.

So we have several options as to where we go next.

Which of the following best describes what you’re most interested in covering next?

( ) How to do X? [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to X Response]

( ) How to do Y? [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Y Response]

( ) How to do Z? [< -- INSERT HYPERLINK to Z Response]

I want to make sure that I’m only giving you information that you’re interested in instead of cluttering up your inbox with unread messages.

Talk soon,

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1, “Wow,

I just found the coolest thing for anybody who’s curious about making money on the web.

Everybody knows about all the fake opportunities out there, but what about the “2%” of ones that are legit?

This guy shows you how to identify the REAL opportunities from the fake.

This is a real eye opener to say the least!


2, “So… This is really cool.

You know those ads you see online about “making money surfing the web”?

I’ve always been pretty skeptical of them… But at the same time I admit the idea is super exciting. We’ve all clicked on them from time to time!

Anyway I just found an article that takes a look at these ads and comes to some surprising conclusions… Check it out!”

“Have you ever wondered about making money online?

This site busts all the myths and separates the legit advice from the BS.

It really opened my mind… check it out!”

[ ]”


1, Have u ever wondered if u can REALLY make money online? I was skeptical, but this guy breaks down how you can make ur first $$ [INSERT LINK].

2, Ever wondered about making money online? This site busts all the myths. Really eye opening. [INSERT LINK HERE]

3, Can you REALLY make money online?? This link will tell you the TRUTH.