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The Cyber Mom Project

I was having dinner with a few friends and we started talking about kids and technology.  I was telling them that I felt like I have a pretty good idea of both my kids habits online.   Back when Facebook was the in thing, I allowed both of my kids to have a Facebook account on one condition – that they would friend me so that I could see what they were up to and who they were friending.   While this is all good while it lasted, quickly kids had the upper hand when it comes to visibility.  I say this because Facebook allows you customize who your posting goes to.   So, if that is the first you have heard about that – perhaps you don’t really have a grip like you thought you did on Facebook.   I do think it is necessary to monitor kids’ online activity for several reasons.   We just don’t know who may be friending and enticing our children, so when you monitor it, you can stop a problem before it happens.

Facebook was probably the most popular among kids before tons of parents came on the scene, now the patterns have shifted and I see Twitter the outlet of choice.   Its very easy to see why kids like Twitter – but the main reason is because most of the parents don’t know what Twitter is about, how to use it or even understand it.  If you don’t understand it, how can you follow your kids right?

As we were dining I was telling them that my daughter will not allow me to follow her on Twitter, but that I still can see her online activity.   I quickly pulled out my iPad and dinner now became a training session.  Then the thought came to me later that night.  I have an outlet with my blog and youtube channel, I should put out some videos to educate these parents that want to know how to watch their kids a little more.

So, with that – The Cyber Mom Project was born on February 13, 2013 over dinner at Antonio’s Pizza with Becky and Joyce.  Thanks for the inspiration!.   Over the next week, I am going to produce and post 3 videos on getting to know Twitter that will help you to monitor your children as they tweet.

If three is something that you want to know specifically, please post it in the comments so I can address those in my next post or in the videos.    I am going to let the audience be the driver of this project… what do you need to know how to do specifically – leave a comment.

The first video – about the Cyber Project:

The 2nd video – Twitter Basics – 5 things you need to understand

The 3rd video on How to Moniter a Twitter account