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February 20, 2016

Everyone wants the easy way – right, show me the money!

How many times in our career have we heard about the new opportunity that could make you millions?  I mean who hasn’t sat through a presentation that required you to go out and get two people, help them recruit two more people at the promise of hitting some level which triggers some bonus.   Not that I am a skeptic, but most of the time when friends have gotten involved with network marketing, pyramid marketing – I always answer the same way – which is show me the money that they have made – then I will be a believer.  Rarely has anyone came back to me to show me the money!  I always find credibility in results which people can back up.  I always tell people about my son (who just turned 19) making money on Google AdSense with his YouTube videos and when I say that he earns $150 a month, they look at me in amazement and I can tell they are skeptical.  I mean my son just graduated high school – he has been doing this for 3 years!  Then I get out my phone and show them pictures of his checks – I put all the skepticism to rest.  People like to see results and when they do you gain instant credibility.

So, back to the get rich quick scheme, is there really an easy way to get rich quick? No, so keeping that in mind when you are looking at SEO – is there really a way to get instant SEO results to make your site bounce to the top?  There are many of these local companies out there that claim they can get you to the top, improve traffic, but the real fact of the matter is that it takes hard work and it is not as easy as they make it seem.  This one local company here in my town will set you up a nice key word driven web site that they control and drive traffic to, but the minute you stop paying them their monthly fee – they will go sell that keyword driven web site to your competitor, change the name and phone number and wow – its a generic site.  So much for building your brand!

I attended seminar where Marcus Sheridan spoke about blogging and how to generate content, and what this would do for your web traffic.   He proceeded to then show everyone how he dominated his market which was swimming pools and how he did it.   I even typed  a few questions in Google and there was River Pools and Spas right at the top.   My skepticism was gone because he just showed me the money!    I encourage you to check out the sales lion!   If you are talking to those local companies that make all these claims, then I would ask them to show you the money.  I think you will be surprised that they are better sales people then SEO people. Not to discredit all SEO people, because there are some people that do SEO using white hat techniques and are legitimate.  Just be careful and know what you are getting into.

Okay so now you get the point that I am trying to make, but you still want to know how to get better SEO rankings right?  Well I have spent the last 9 months talking to insurance agents and analyzing their web sites and there are not too many great examples that I can point you to, because not many are really using their blog to the full potential that it has.  I have seen everything from recipes to crafts on insurance agency blogs, but not too many have addressed their customers concerns.  I have been in the insurance industry for years and I know that these companies the agents represent put out tons of good stuff, so even if agents don’t feel comfortable writing their own copy, they can easily scour their companies for content.

When people are looking for auto insurance, that is a pretty sought after key word and extremely expensive to obtain the top spot, but what is it about auto insurance that is driving them to search for auto insurance?   Maybe they want to know why their rates are high?  Maybe the need to know what comprehensive coverage is for?  A claim was denied and they want to know why.   So uncovering the need and helping them solve that problem will also help direct them to your site.  That is what Marcus did on his site, he answered all those questions that his customers had on his blog.  Try it out for yourself, type in any pool related question and I can assure you that River Pools and Spas  will be there.   (I just typed fiberglass pools versus concrete pools – #1 spot).

Getting a blog on your site and answering those questions that your customers have will no doubt help you get at the people that are searching for you, but don’t know your name.  It doesn’t happen overnight and it takes persistence, but if you do this and stick with it, I can assure you that you will have some definite results to speak of – more so than posting crafts and recipes on a site for insurance!   If you are in the field of Insurance and would like a leap start – I have 900 questions compiled in a file that I can share and also provide you with a great source for content,  so send me an email and put leap start 900 in the subject line so that I know its not spam and I will send you the info and file.  The other misconception about blogging is that you have to write long articles.   Just keep it simple (you have heard about the KISS method)  answer the question and post it.  In fact sometimes the shorter and more to the point the better!

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