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Tag: SEO

Looking for quick SEO options?

February 20, 2016 0 Comments

Everyone wants the easy way – right, show me the money! How many times in our career have we heard about the new opportunity that could make you millions?  I mean who hasn’t sat through a presentation that required you to go out and get two people, help them recruit two more people at the promise [...]

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How to get the most traffic to your site, SEO tips

April 15, 2013 0 Comments

Many years ago, if you wanted more business leads you would just fork out big money and buy the biggest color ad in the phonebook.   Traffic could be bought with a slick color ad that was first to appear in the section.  If you were not one of those big color ads, you still had a [...]

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Local search – how to claim your space

January 6, 2013 0 Comments

Claiming your space will bring your business visibility Focusing your attention to your web page, which is the centerpiece of your online presence, and paying attention to the important design elements  when building your web page is very important.  The last step to making sure that your business is visible on the Internet is claiming [...]

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Your website is your centerpiece – make it noticeable

January 4, 2013 0 Comments

What does your web page say about you? This is a very broad topic and one that I will span over the next few days.   Personally, I really feel a company’s web site says a lot about the company – many times it is the first impression that a person will have of a business.  I know that everyone has [...]

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