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Tip #10 A smile goes a long way

February 10, 2013

I was shopping over the holidays at the mall, I will not say what store, but when I got up to the checkout the young cashier was not at all personable. She did not smile, acted like she did not want to be there and had better things to do then to take my money.  It seriously almost made me want to not buy the item and go tell the manager of the store they need to work on their employees.    I know for certain that I would never get that kind of treatment at Starbucks, in fact when you are paying the cashier and they smile and say I will see you tomorrow – something about their hospitality that makes you want to come back tomorrow.

People want to do business with people that are friendly, have a great attitude and can smile.   I know we all have bad days and perhaps this person isn’t normally like that, but make sure that your organization is promoting good attitude and make sure your employees can smile.  Take the smile challenge – pick a day when you can go to the mall or a public place.  As you walk around, just look at the number of smiles or frumpy faces and as you walk past someone – smile at them.   It is refreshing when you get smiles back or realize that not everyone walks around with a frumpy face.  A smile is contagious – so start spreading them around!

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