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Don’t sell yourself short

January 30, 2013

Often times when we get in front of prospects the first time we are eager to share what we know and how our products and services will help them more than any other product/service.   Why it is that our product is so much better then the competitors.  While this is all very important, it is very important to make sure you let the client know what you bring to the table.

To give you an example, in the insurance industry an agent is meeting with a prospect for the very first time and naturally it is easy to get off course and expect that the agent will be able to find the prospect cheaper insurance.   But what I strongly suggest in the initial meeting is that you set the boundaries and actually tell the client who you are, why you feel that your qualified to handle their insurance and finally what your underlying philosophy is.

Just to role play a little,  if I were the producer, my sales spiel would sound something like this.  Mr. Client, I would like to share a little but about my background, how I like to do business and what I have to offer you.   My extensive insurance background includes x and y and over the past z years, I have been able to put my knowledge to good use working with various clients in your industry.   My goal is not to find you the cheapest insurance, rather my goal is to review your exposures and help you to insure those exposures that you cannot afford to retain.   Provide you with the best options, coverages and if we can save you some money in the meantime – that is an added bonus.  How does that sound?

So as you meet with those clients for the first time, don’t forget to let them know what you are bringing to the table besides a cheaper product or service.  I can guarantee when you focus the conversation around other things, not price related then that will help you out in the sales process.

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