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Tip #1 Building a Community

January 31, 2013

When a business is trying to build their Social Media community, it is important that they take every opportunity to ask people to follow the business to increase their visibility.   There are simple things that you can do to keep it in front of people such as email tag lines, business cards, all correspondence that leaves the office, even the voice mail.   Believe it or not, the more that people see your social sharing buttons, your web address or even hear them mentioned, they are more likely to check the business out.   All of these opportunities help to build your community.   At the very minimum the business should:

  • Add the web address on every piece of correspondence that leaves the office
  • Social Sharing buttons on emails, business cards,  labels on envelopes
  • Voice mail references, visit us online or find us on twitter
  • Letterhead, brochures and promo material should reference social sharing sites and web page

Take every opportunity to promote your presence.  This community will help you in the future.   Good luck and thanks for reading today’s minute marketing message.  Please feel free to comment or share success stories on how you implemented a tip and what kind of results you obtained.


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