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Sample script for telephone prospecting

January 19, 2013

I thought I would post something light today – like a sample script that you can use to cold call via telephone. If you do not know who the decision maker is that you need to talk to – here is where you need to start:

Hello this is Susan from (company) here in (city).  I would like to speak to the person that handles the (business) decisions for the company.

if they are not available – then say:

Would it be okay to email / send him/her the information on the services that I provide?   I specialize in helping (businesses) like yours benefit from a company that specializes in (business).

Thank them and follow it up with a letter or email about your offerings.

If they are available then say:

Hello Mr. Customer, my name is Susan with (the business), you haven’t met me yet but I work with (businesses) like yours and have a program specifically designed for (business).   One of the key thing that I can offer you is (feature) which would (benefit) .  I would like to see if we can meet briefly so that I can explain (my program in detail) to see if there would be a benefit in us doing business together? Would that be okay?

What day next week is good for you?

Set the appointment, make sure you follow that up with a confirmation of the appointment.

If they say no – then politely

Ask them if they would mind receiving some additional information via phone or email in case the opportunity would ever arise that they would need (your business)

Then follow that up with whatever you are sending them.

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