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Making cold calls work…the mindset you need

January 24, 2013

I have a few posts recently that deal with cold calls, how to eliminate them and overall my thoughts on cold calling.   Cold calling and prospecting are necessary evils, and they can be very stressful.  Hearing a negative response to your polite and courteous questions sometimes isn’t pleasant, but on the other hand, you need customers and you need to go after them.  So, the question is – how do you take the stress out of cold calling (prospecting)?

First you must realize that your prospective customer will tend to initially respond with some degree of mistrust, the same way you respond to people that call you.  Since your call is unsolicited, you will most likely be viewed as an interruption and most likely be annoyed.  So – expect that and don’t be surprised by when it happens, just remember you need to move on and don’t dwell on the negative response.   Let’s look at some facts of cold calling

  • Traditionally about 15% of all prospects will change their suppliers due to some specific incident. If you put this into perspective, this means that 1 in 7 calls made will actually be open to listening to what you have to offer.
  • Sometimes customers will be totally happy with their current situation, but times change and things can change.  Even though customers are happy – don’t discredit their interest as one year they may not be interested, but if their situation changes then that is a different story.  So – periodically stay in touch with those “no” prospects.
  • Sometimes people will stay with one certain supplier because it is easier then switching.  So, make that process be as painless as possible for them may help take this objection away.

Do your homework before cold calling will help you be more prepared

  • Know your customers options as far as other competitors.  Do your research and find out what your competitors offer so that you will be able to combat their strengths and weaknesses
  • Every prospect has problems, prepare to uncover those and connect your product to the solution of those problems.  Pre-call planning will help you anticipate what these could be so that you can use your products features and benefits to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Understand your customers objections.  You cant change your customers mind if you do not really understand those objections.  Remember to ask open ended questions !

Cold calling success guide

  • Understand that cold calling is sometimes a necessary evil
  • Plan on more negative responses then positives
  • Remember that only 1 in 7 will be receptive to listening to you
  • Find out the perceived strengths and weaknesses of your competitors
  • Look for your prospects objections, those are what you need to overcome with your product
  • Be a problem solver and show them how you can make their problems go away

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