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A good method for getting leads

July 8, 2012


Whether you are a business owner that is faced with the thought of cold calling, or a sales rep that is working with a business owner to bring in more business – lead generation is very important.   There are many quick solutions out there if you are willing to invest into purchasing leads, however I will show you that that is not necessary and that you can get all the leads that you could possibly use for free.   We all know that sales is a numbers game, so the first hurdle to overcome is to know your numbers.   Knowing your numbers will help you set your goals, again building that plan, success will follow.

Knowing you numbers means sitting down and figuring out just how many people you need to contact for every one person that will say yes (to listen to what you have to offer).    The next step is figuring your close ratio, meaning how many people you have to get in from of and prepare a sales presentation in order to get one sale.  I have just described a top down approach and perhaps the way that you might need to look at the numbers would be in terms of revenue.   If you start with the amount of revenue that you need to generate per week, look at your average sale, then in reverse figure out how many people you need to get in front of to close in order to meet your revenue goals.  Congratulations – this is your number !!

Lets just assume that you need to generate 5 sales per week (one per day for simplicity).  As you get comfortable in this process, you will be able to develop actual ratios based off of real data, but for now, lets just assume that 25% of the people that you cold call agree to the next step of a meeting with you.  We will also assume for this example that for every 4 people that you get in front of, one person will make a purchase (a 25% close ratio).  In the next few posts, I will have some script ideas for cold calling- be sure to check back.     This will mean that in order to generate one sale per day, you will need to contact/cold call 16 people per day, with the idea that will lead to 4 presentations and 1 sale.  Knowing your number gives you a daily goal of 16 contacts.  Again, as you get into this, you will definitely build your own data, so it is important to check periodically at your success to re-vise your numbers if needed.

Next thing will be to find 16 contacts per day, which is my point of this whole post.   I am going to show you just how easy this will be using a very secret but highly underutilized weapon online.   For the most part all you need is a public library card – yes, I just gave it all away, a library card is all you need.  Sometimes, you don’t even need that to access what I am about to show you.

I have prepared a short video for you to review on how to accomplish this, click on the link at the bottom to view.   Enjoy, good luck and remember – sales is a numbers game, in order to have success, you must know your numbers !!

View video on how to get free leads here:

Stay tuned for the next few posts, as I will be discussing several different list ideas and how to integrate your current customers to improve success.    Please check back often and remember to hit the subscribe button below.  Thanks for visiting


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