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Why your site should have a blog

October 1, 2012

Web site, blog, facebook, twitter, linkedin – its all so much to keep track of. We have all seen them before and many still exist – I am referring to web pages that are a brochure of your company. They can be identified by several things:

– Created several years ago
– A brochure of your products and/or services, more of a sales sheet style
– Have not been updated since the day you put it up
– Outdated not even relevant

What’s wrong with this? – it’s like wearing bell bottoms or tie die, not that some people don’t still wear it, but you get my point. Static web pages are a thing of the past. In fact if your still sporting a static, stale web page – chances are most of the search engines have just excluded you from the search engines because your site no longer seems relevant. Most of the older sites have not been optimized with search terms so again you are losing out on traffic that you could be getting by choosing to sport your bell bottoms!

The solution is quite simple. You need to convert your site to a blog. A blog is really a site that changes like the Ohio weather, often. The advantage of doing this is that you keep your site relevant, fresh and the site is optimized better for search engine traffic. After all, the main reason that you should have a web page out there is to attract new customers to your business. I have heard the question asked before so I am going to answer it before you have a chance to ask it – should my web page and blog be separate? No, you should combine a blog and website together. By doing so, you can still have all the pertinent info out there for prospects to see but having a blog on the front page will ultimately lead to more visibility for your business. Stay tuned on more topics coming about blogging – but for now just know that it is the way to go.

When I started writing this, I mentioned Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. These are all social sites, and should not become the primary focus of your business. The reason is simple – you really should generate the traffic to your site, what you control. Facebook presence is nice but if you build your existence around that and Facebook changes things up – this can lead to frustration. It’s important that your online presence focus around your web page and then use secondary measures like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as a way to help engage. After all, social media is all about engaging your customers – not having space to sell to them. Social Media is not selling – it is the art of engaging.

So in closing, please do yourself a favor and review your website and seriously consider using a blog format. It will generate more traffic, which will lead to more sales, more revenue. Thanks for visiting Be sure to subscribe and check back often!

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