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How to manage your content

January 10, 2013

Delegating will help achieve success

After establishing the channels that you are going to try and getting your content ideas ready, the next thing that you will focus on will be two things:

1. A content calendar (or sometimes referred to as an editorial calendar).  When laying out your content calendar think about the following:

  • Who will come up with your topics (brainstorming session is a good idea)
  • What are your topics (be as broad as possible here)
  • When will you generate content, when are you best at writing and putting together your posts?
  • Your goals in terms of how often you want to post (remember to start small, if you can generate more content then do it, but set your goal and make it achievable)
  • When will you post content  (day of the week and time of the day, and I will get into more specifics on those topics soon)

2. Once you have your content calendar mapped out, you need to assign responsibility to it in terms of who will be doing the posting, and on what channel.   If you have one specific person that will be doing your social media management and nothing but that, great.  If not it is best to divide this task into a few pieces and delegate. Perhaps one person will have responsibility for the blog, while one person will be responsible for Facebook.  They can work together to build the calendar, and perhaps feed off of one another, but the responsibility will each be different.  This will help ensure success and keep you on track to building your online community.  I just know that when you start an undertaking like social media, out of all the sites that I review, many times businesses start off great, but the one person that is responsible for everything just gets bogged down and then it just stops.  Remember small achievable steps !

If you assign responsibility to someone and they are going to create their own content, I do think it is necessary to review their content, or give them specific guidelines so that you make sure what they are posting conforms to your partners, suppliers, channels to make sure that they represent your brand properly.  If you do not set some boundaries with employees, they may potentially say something that can damage your business, reputation and or hurt your professional relationships.   Don’t let that stop you, just know that you need to be aware of what they are posting on your behalf.

Good Luck mapping out your content calendar. Thanks for visiting The Sales Plan,  be sure to subscribe to get daily updates.

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