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There is value in brainstorming

January 12, 2013

Get those creative ideas flowing

For the last 12 days I have been talking about the social media overview and how to get started with your 2013 marketing plans.   I have mentioned brainstorming at least 5 times and in each case it was for different things.   I really feel that every person has a creative side to them and that brainstorming is an excellent way to infuse new ideas into any organization.   Here are 15 things that you can brainstorm to improve your operation –

  • topics for each social media channel
  • blog topics
  • contests you should run
  • employee incentives
  • marketing ideas
  • community involvement
  • charitable causes
  • employee events
  • new products
  • how to get referrals
  • sale ideas
  • presentation ideas
  • solving problems (customers)
  • advertising
  • service issues

It is a good idea to have your employees meet regularly to brainstorm.   The first few sessions may not be as productive, especially if your employees have not participated in any sessions like this before.  As they see how fruitful these sessions can be, hopefully it will bring out the creative side in all your employees.

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