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Putting all the pieces together

January 16, 2013

As I finish the complete cycle on the elements of building your social media plan, the last step in the process includes analytics and monitoring.  Here is a complete step by step guide that will help you walk through everything I have talked about in the past 16 days.   Social Media Planning Guide

When implementing a social media plan it is important that once you get your plan down that you actually sit down periodically and evaluate the plan.  To keep it simple, I would recommend that if you haven’t paid attention to web site analytics before that you look at what google analytics can provide for you.   This is really an out of the box type site that allows you to paste a code up on your web page that will start tracking your site’s data.   There are several other types of analytics that you can get, but again for ease and simplicity at this point when you are starting – Google gets the job done.  Remember start simple, as the easier that you make it the more likely you will be to succeed at implementing all facets of your social media plan.

As I mentioned before in my post about creating an editorial calendar, it is a good idea if you can also track engagement.  If you can keep track of your engagement on each post this will allow you to examine what it is that people seem to react to.  You may start to see some underlying themes in the posts, or perhaps maybe it you can look at the titles that you are using.  The more that you track and analyze the more helpful this data will become in building your community.

Finally, the last thing that I would like to mention is that when you are just starting and getting your feet wet in social media, remember that building an audience and engagement is not an overnight process.  You must commit to the process in the long term and stay consistent.  If you do, eventually it will start to click.  Do not be afraid to try new things, be creative and track your results.

Good Luck with your executing your plan, thanks for visiting The Sales Plan.  Be sure to subscribe to receive regular updates.  


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